Community Services

Based on our commitment to social and economical prosperity especially in the Tabuk region and also to the kingdom, TADCO offers to provide agriculture education and orientation services for the region’s farmers in the ideal usage of agricultural inputs.

Tadco also provides the region’s olive farmer with advice for olive fruit production at the least cost, which increases their income.

Tadco is considered an essential source of agricultural information for school students in the Tabuk region, and we always welcome school groups during the academic year.

Tadco on yearly basis offers training services to Saudi agriculture bank staff to enable them to experience agriculture concepts and support to carry on with their own concepts and requirements to the farmers and to be able to service them.

Tadco also contributes to environmental awareness and beautify in the the area by making available fruit trees for transplant to customers in Tadco garden Center in Tabuk city, and also Tadco nursery. Tadco supports the public campaign carried out by the government to globalize the consciousness towards health and security.

Tadco yearly is hosting the ceremony of Prince Fahad Ben Sultan for ideal farmer as incentives to the region’s farmers to be more interested and concerned about agriculture and to improve their production activities to increase their income, and to ensure the continuity of the economical and social development in the Tabuk region.