Employee training & development

Development of employees to their full potential is of utmost importance to the management of TADCO. Training is provided by consultants in their fields to keep on track with the latest trends and technologies. Opportunities for promising employees to become skilled in their chosen fields are made available through in-house training and external training courses sponsored by the company.

Incentive schemes are regularly implemented to encourage our labor force to be more productive and earn extra income.

Employee welfare

On-site accommodation is provided. A clinic with a trained medical doctor and team is on-hand to tend to any medical needs. Laborers have their meals in a modern restaurant where the varied menu caters to the different tastes of the multinational make-up of the labor force. A new air-conditioned mosque was completed in 2007 which can accommodate up to 1000 people, and which also include separate facility for women.
Sport facilities include a fully equipped gymnasium, heated indoor swimming pool, cricket and football field, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts.
Transport is provided to employees to visit Tabuk city to socialize with friends there. A family compound comprising 30 comfortable villas, each with private garden, is on-site, and school buses ferry children to-and-from the local schools daily.