Forage Business Unit (Fobu)

Marketing Details

Our high quality alfalfa is considered among the best in the world, and is much sought-after by the top dairy farms in the region for increasing their milk yields and reducing their unit cost of milk production. This is because we focus on producing a product of the required specifications in terms of ADF, NDF and protein. Trials conducted in Saudi Arabia involving our top quality alfalfa have proven to dairy farmers the importance of feeding cows high quality alfalfa for highest possible milk yields.

We offer flexibility with withdrawals and a very precise delivery schedule so that our customers have peace-of-mind of continuous supply all-year-round. Our Forage Sales Manager is dedicated to providing superior after-sales service and our customers appreciate the trust and transparency in dealing with us.

Our 3-tie bales are ideal for dairy farms because they are easy to handle, easy and quick to offload from trailers, and are ideal size for maintaining moisture content without any internal browning.


To achieve optimum product quality, we use the most modern windrowers, balers, pickers, rakes and tractors for ensuring the alfalfa is baled at the right moisture content to ensure minimal leaf loss.

Food Safety

We also care about the food chain along the dairy industry, and that’s why we implement an Integrated Pest Management Program, using only environmentally friendly chemicals for the control of pest infestation and weeds contamination.

Alfalfa Classification

A committee composed of highly technical personnel had been created, who are responsible in the classification of the produce according to the chemical component and with the requirements and satisfactions of customers


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