Grain Business Unit (GBU)

Customers & Markets

Grain Business unit value its customer alliances reserving a strategic relation that continued for decades since the establishment of TADCO. The nature of some products like wheat seeds necessitates a very special kind of marketing. In order to reach our widely scattered farmers all around the kingdom, we carefully selected the most powerful- most virtuous & honorable traders to carry over both sales & mission. Our mission does not stop at dispensing our product; we are committed to both quality & correct farming practices Kingdom wise. By those esteemed customers (partners), we assure that our most reputable wheat seeds reach almost all agricultural areas in the Kingdom with fair prices along with our best after sales services. TADCO seeds are proved to give the maximum productivity of wheat in all climates from North to south; & from west to east.

Market Share

TADCO wheat seeds market share used to have a continuous up ward trend. In fact, our brand is leading due to so many factors mostly connected with its pioneer ship when it established the first seeds processing plant in the Kingdom during 1988 & then when others followed, TADCO lead by establishing the most modernized processing plant in 1998. Working at the sophisticated standards of the ISO 9000 accredited 2006; TADCO seeds quality becomes unquestionable & so realized the lion’s share in the highly competitive seeds market even in times of low total demand. 2007 market share reached 27% of the total seeds market while a 29% is set as an strategic target for 2008

How we manage our customer alliances?
Our grain business unit in conformity with the company mission tuned the marketing practices along with the commitment to the society & the agricultural sector development. To that end, we used to organize round tours annually for TADCO field experts to give lectures & consultations to small farmers in all agricultural areas. We also make sales promotions spending millions on these activities. Every summer or so we invite farmers & Agricultural Engineers to spend days in our project enjoying Tabuk’s nice weather & benefiting from lectures & scientific seminars & discussions. This role is done in collaboration with the Ministry of agriculture with the purpose of educating the agricultural community towards perfection of farming practices.

Seed Specification
TADCO seeds having excellent reputation produced under the supervision of the ministry of agriculture & seed committee manage by qualified expertise agricultural engineers to ensure the following specifications :-

  • Thousands kernel weight not less than 46 grams
  • Seed purity not less than 98%
  • Germination percentage above 95%
  • Viability above 95%
  • Moisture content 7 to 9%
  • Inert matter less than 1%
  • Other crops in one kg sample less than 4 seeds
  • Number of weed seeds in one kg sample none

Seed Treatment
Seeds treated with either RAXIL or Dividend to protect the produced seeds from any fungal diseases.
Seed processing plant
TADCO have tow plants to cover & satisfy the Customers requirement with excellent seed specifications.


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